The Best 3 Breeds of Canines Used As Police Dogs

We know that dogs are loyal and brilliant animals. It is the kind of animal that will not hesitate to protect you, and that is the reason why it is widely used as police dogs. Canines can help out the force in making sure that the environment is safe. As a matter of fact, dogs can do a lot of things that people can’t. Do you expect a human to sniff the location of a bomb? I bet no but dogs can do it without a problem. Let’s check out the best breeds of dogs that are widely used for police duty.

1. German Shepherd

There is no surprise that the German Shepherd landed at the top spot on the list. It has the alpha personality whereas it sits and walks like a boss. It is a very intelligent breed of dog that can match the military men when placed in a combat ground. Even on battles, it will never leave you behind.

2. Rottweiler


It has a fierce personality among dogs that by only looking at it, you’d tell yourself that you don’t want to get near a Rott. It is a very brave kind of dog, and that is the reason why it landed in second place for the best breeds used in the police force. It is one dog that should not be provoked by any means.

3. Belgian Tervueren


The saying looks can be deceiving can be forgotten when you see a Belgian Tervueren. It looks scary, and yes it is one terrifying breed of dog. It has an authoritarian aura that you don’t want to mess with. It will not just simply bite you in an instant because dogs always have a reason when they bite but if an officer asked you to pull over and comes up with a Belgian Tervueren, it is in your best interest to just listen to the cop.

It is the top three breed of dogs that are widely used all over the world. It is one proof that dogs will always be man’s best friend and they have proven that a thousand times.



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The Top 4 Diseases Of Puppies That Can Be Avoided With Vaccines

If there is a new puppy in the family, all of us get too excited but we should never forget that just like babies, its immune system is not yet fully developed. Therefore, pups can acquire a lot of diseases most especially at an early age. Make sure that your puppy is vaccinated to avoid numerous problems. Check out the top diseases of canines if you will not give them the shots they need.

1. Bordetella Bronchiseptica


It is a bacterium that can be quickly transmitted to other dogs. It is the cause of a cough and vomiting. In worst case scenario, puppies who get infected of this can also suffer from a seizure which is fatal to dogs.

2. Canine Hepatitis


It targets the liver of our canine friends. Your dogs can experience jaundice, fever and excruciating pain around their liver. The severe case of canine hepatitis can cause death to our dogs.

3. Heartworm


It is a very common disease for dogs. As soon as your pups reached at least twelve weeks, it is important that you start consulting your vets about heartworm prevention procedure. The nasty worms can make a home out of your dog’s heart until they are all grown up to destroy the different organs of your dogs.

4. Parvovirus


It is important that you have your dogs vaccinated for anti-parvo as early as the vets recommend. It is heartbreaking to see a dog suffer from Parvovirus. There is no cure for it so make sure it can be prevented. Your dogs will not have the energy to eat yet they will still vomit to the point that they are already spitting blood.

Puppies or dogs, they are our friends and companion. It is our responsibility to keep them safe and healthy. The vaccines are there to ensure that their immune system will be well developed to fight different viruses that can come their way.…

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3 Myths About Pit Bulls That Should Be Corrected

Pit Bulls are often the victim of cruelty. It is because they are always misunderstood. There are a lot of things that we don’t know about it. More often than not, people just judge the Pit Bulls based on how they look and the rumors they’ve heard. Here are some myths about Pit Bulls that should be corrected because, on the contrary of what people say, Pit Bulls make the best companions.

Myth #1: Pit Bulls have locking jaws


It is the most common thing that people know about Pit Bulls but apparently it’s wrong. If you want to have proof, go ahead and scan the bone structure of a Pit Bull. You won’t find anything different about it. The reason why this myth started is that when they hold on to something, they will not let go. As a matter of fact, among other dogs, it is the type which is the most determined.

Myth #2: Pit Bulls are all vicious and terrifying


Pit Bulls are not vicious animals. It looks scary. That’s right, but looks can be deceiving. The big head it has and the masculine shoulder structure doesn’t mean they’re evil. Like people, Pit Bulls attitude depends on the kind of upbringing they went through. If people give them a dangerous kind of environment, then don’t be surprised and blame the dog if it bites.

Myth #3: Pit Bulls are aggressive with dogs and humans as well


It is a fact that Pit Bulls don’t go well with other dogs but there is a remedy to that whereas you just need to expose your Pit Bull to a lot of dogs and by then you’ll see it will warm up eventually. The human aggression is something that is not entirely true. Pit Bulls are naturally sweet and caring to people. It is also one of the most loyal dogs there is. A Pit Bull will protect you no matter what, and there is no limit to its loyalty.

It is best to spend time in getting to know Pit Bulls. You’ll be surprised to see the kind of loyalty it can give you. Always remember that if you raise any dog the right way, there is no reason for them to go astray.

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